5 Awesome Ways to survive the last few days of Summer Holiday

5 Awesome Ways to survive the last few days of Summer Holiday

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For most parents its already four weeks since end of term. And the holiday seems to be never ending. I’m sure that by now you are asking yourself “when is school resuming?’. Surprise! Surprise!!!!!!! There is still three/four weeks left to the holidays. And to make matters worse, most summer camps would be ending next week.  This is what Nigerians call insult upon injury . Lol.  So, what can you do especially if you don’t want them to watch TV, be on their phones and play video games 24/7


Here are a few tips to help you cope with the final few days of the summer holidays.


  1. Plan some low budget fun activities

Already you’ve spent so much in this period and you probably don’t want to break the bank further. However, there are so much you can still do without necessarily making the naira roll out too much. You could simply stock up activities that are budget friendly such as water guns, bubbles, balls, balloons, board games, paddling pool, art and crafts, face painting, baking, etc



  1. Have a friend over at least once a week for each child.

This is like the most effective way to keep your kids engaged with fun activities at home without necessarily spending a dime. Well except that you might need to stock up your kitchen for that day. You can also  get them to go over to a friend’s place for the day.



  1. Stock up on books either from a library or bookshop

Reading can be hard for some children and enjoyable for other. The secret is to discover what they really enjoy. My son enjoys books on facts like Guinness Book of Records. Apart from reading, also encourage the budding writer. Get them to write plays, poems, songs. etc.



  1. Make a movie or an album – With social media, a lot of children love the ideas of talking into the camera or taking pictures. Well you can leverage on this. Hand them a camera and tell them to make a movie – they can record happenings in their days or surrounding or taking pictures of funny/interesting- moments to be shared with family.



  1. Save big days out for the weekends – by saving big days out for the weekend the kids will have something to look forward to and understand that during the week they will be spending time at home. They will get to spend quality time with you at the weekend.


With all these, trust me you have them all engaged and utilising the rest of the holidays doing amazing things.