11 Tips for Increasing School Enrolment.

11 Tips for Increasing School Enrolment.

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An important point for any business to remember is that MARKETING AND INNOVATION are key to the business’s survival and so, relevant time and resources need to be dedicated to it.

To effectively market your school, you must know what your customers want. In today’s world, parents are looking beyond academic. Factors like convenience, extra curriculum activities, STEM activities are some of the requirements of parents today.

Here are few tips on how to increase enrolment in your school;

  1. Understand what drives the parents in selecting your school
  2. Provide your audience with a good story that enables them to connect to your school on an emotional level.
  3. Make your school visible even to the casual passer-by
  4. Maximise word of mouth: get your existing networks, parents, family and friends to spread the good news.
  5. Have a website and be visible active on social media.
  6. Blow your own trumpet: don’t be shy to let thee world know about your achievements
  7. Hype the achievement of your students.
  8. Use parents as your ambassadors – ask for referrals and get them to share pictures, articles and educational information to their networks.
  9. Engage in noticeable competition/activities that help to showcase your students.
  10. Be active in the community.
  11. Make campaign for enrolment an all year round

Marketing is not a one size fits all. You must keep monitoring what works and what doesn’t for your school. Every day ensure time is dedicated to marketing your school, never be too busy to market. Remember, winners are not people who never fail but who never give up.

Wishing you the best school year from all of us at 9ijakids.

Pls share with us what strategies worked for your school. And if you found this article useful, do share with other school owners.

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