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6 Fun STEM Activities For Your Child

Launch your own rocket, fly your paper plane or make your own rain. These are
STEM experiments that are fun. It’s an awesome way to learn more about science,
practice creative thinking and simply have fun!!!

7 Ways to Help Your Child Excel in Maths

Get workable tips on how to lay a solid foundation to help your child enjoy and excel in Maths.

6 Exciting STEM Activities Book 2

Book 1 focused on the Science in STEM. With Book 2, we mix things up a bit with more
Engineering activities. Experience amazing chemical reactions in volcano, making your own
rocky candy, slime, lipsticks, building your own tower and catapult.

Cheat Sheet For Selecting A Secondary School For Your Child

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Hacking Teenagers Series: Book 1

Find out how to know your teenager, model the change you want to see, validate the intelligence you gather, Independence with accountability and many more in this parenting solution 

10 Amazing Crafts Activities For Kids

Have fun with your kids during weekends, holiday’s with
simple crafts you can do at home.

Holiday Survival Kit

Learn creative ways to keep kids engaged and avoid boredom in this awesome holiday survival kit Holiday