Word Pop (Antonyms and Synonyms)

Can you identify words which are similar in meaning? Do you know what these kind of words are called? How easy is it for you to find words which are opposite in meaning? What are they called? Come and have fun with Lola in this word popping game

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Word Patch Up (prefix and suffix)

This game is based on the popular “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” gameshow. Come and have fun with Timmy the Gameshow host as he tests your knowledge of prefix and suffix. Do you have what it takes to get 15 correct answers in a row to win 1 million points?

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Spelling Buzz Key Stage 2 (spelling)

Timmy is travelling on a train for the first time! He needs your help navigating to ensure he arrives safely at his destination. This game will test your ability to spell and identify various objects .

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