Tenacious Fighter (Tenacity)

Test your skills against the enemy in this battle and learn all about tenacity. You mission is to identify and shoot down the enemy’s planes of Procrastination, Give up, Laziness and Fragile. There is only one rule – No Retreat., No Surrender. You need to be careful so you don’t shoot down friendlies and allies.

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The Art of Being Patient (Patience)

In today’s world, everything seems instant and no one wants to wait or be patient. But patience is a virtue and a very important one too. Let check how patient the kids are with this fun quiz.

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Honesty Courtroom (Honesty)

How honest are you? Let’s see how you fare on our honesty meter in out courtroom. Each honest answers fills your honesty meter but wrong answers reduce the level of the meter. All the best, and remember it pays to tell the truth always.

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No Bullying (Bullying)

An educative game to teach children about bullying, who a bully is, types of bullying and what to do if they are being bullied or see someone being bullied.

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Sportsmanship Court (Sportmanship)

Losing a game or competition can be painful but good sportsmanship is required even if your team lost. Let the kids have fun with this basketball themed game as they learn what sportsmanship means and how to show sportsmanship. Let’s see how many baskets you can score. All the best.

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Want your children to be polite and courteous? Want them to know what it takes to be courteous? Do they know the magic words – please, thank you, excuse me, etc? Then let them play the Courtesy game – a fun game that checks how much children know about good manners a home, school and […]

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Knight Challenge (Courage)

Come and have fun with Sir Timmy the knight, who is on a quest to restore order and protect the kingdom from the dragon. Do you think you have enough courage to defeat the fierce dragon? Let’s see how courageous you are in this fascinating game of archery.

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Timmy Says (Obedience)

What is Obedience? Are you obedient? Join Timmy and Lola in this fun and exciting game about the values of obedience and benefits of being obedient to instructions.

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Time Me

Join Timmy in this fun game and learn about managing time effectively and how to make best use of your time as time is always limited.

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