5 Monkeys

Sing along with Lola a popular song about Mama Monkey and her five little monkeys who wouldn’t go to bed on time.

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Be Happy

Play along as Lola starts her day on a happy note and with a few exercises. A lovely game song designed for preschoolers.

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Pick up Toys

One simple way to get kids to keep the house tidy. Let them sing along with Lola to the popular “pick up toys” song.

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Hand Washing Song

This song teaches the importance of washing hands. You will understand why keeping your hands clean is so important.

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Color Party (World of colors)

Let’s go partying with Jamal amidst a festival of colors. Sing and move your body along as we dive into the world of colors in this game-song for preschoolers.

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5 Little ducks

“5 little ducks” is a popular nursery rhyme song that helps children recognize the numbers 1-5 and teaches early math skills.

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9ijakids Shapes song

It’s time to learn about shapes!. Discover the uniqueness of these shapes in this wonderful preschoolers song.

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One, two, buckle my shoe

One, Two, buckle my shoe is a popular children’s repetitive mathematics song designed to give the child a subtle introduction to mathematics.

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