First Day at School

Come have fun with Jamal at the Medal contest. Help Jamal win the contest by testing your knowledge of addition and subtraction in this game for preschoolers?

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5 Monkeys

Sing along with Lola a popular song about Mama Monkey and her five little monkeys who wouldn’t go to bed on time.

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Count with me

Let’s do some counting now shall we? Chichi is here to teach our preschoolers a little about counting numbers.

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Body Parts

Let’s explore with Jamal and Chichi as they take a simple overview of all the different parts of the body and their functions in this captivating preschooler’s game.

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Be Happy

Play along as Lola starts her day on a happy note and with a few exercises. A lovely game song designed for preschoolers.

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Pick up Toys

One simple way to get kids to keep the house tidy. Let them sing along with Lola to the popular “pick up toys” song.

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Hand Washing Song

This song teaches the importance of washing hands. You will understand why keeping your hands clean is so important.

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