At The Hospital

Let’s visit the hospital with Lola as she identifies the people and objects that are found in the hospital.

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Going Places

Hey there!!  Jamal has decided to go on a bus tour. Come along and help Jamal identify these beautiful and interesting places.

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First Day at School

Come have fun with Jamal at the Medal contest. Help Jamal win the contest by testing your knowledge of addition and subtraction in this game for preschoolers?

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Dress Me up

Do you have what it takes to be a fashionista? Show us you do by dressing Lola up for different outings

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Sweet home

“Sweet home“. This game will give the child a basic knowledge of different parts of the house and their functions.

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Same or Different

Can you Identify and differentiate different objects/shapes? Let’s test your ability to identify different objects/shapes.  

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