Electricity (knowledge of Electricity)

Attention, this game is for everyone that loves God out there! Are you ready to join Elijah on this adventure to prove that there is only one TRUE God? Get ready for a display of fire!

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Blazing Heat (heat and heat processes)

This is a game targeted at children in primary four (or Year 4). It tests how much they know about heat. In this game, the child needs to get the science apparatus needed to be able to conduct an experiment in the lab on heat

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Snow Falls KS2 (Types of forces)

Are you ready to have fun playing ice hockey with me? Follow Jamal as we find out the different types of forces existing. Grab your stick, puck and other equipment and head out with me.  

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Project Materials (Form and type of materials)

Come and join Timmy as he works on his fun project to use different raw materials to build things around us at home and in school. Do you know how the different properties of materials affect how they can be used? Do you also know about the effect of heat on materials? Let’s find out…

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