Sort It Out

Are you good at sorting things out, can you tell objects which are the same or different? This game is all about Patterns.

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Count with me

Let’s do some counting now shall we? Chichi is here to teach our preschoolers a little about counting numbers.

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More or Less

Let’s have fun with Lola. Help Lola identify different quantity of objects in this interesting more or less game.

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Let’s go to the beach

Let’s go to the beach with Lola in this fun interactive game as we learn about measurement. Let’s see if you can sort animals, and objects into smallest, biggest, heaviest etc.

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My Little savings

Can you help Lola save money in her piggy bank in this captivating game of money. This game helps a child recognize, identify, and differentiate naira note thereby improving their financial literacy at an elementary stage.

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