Alphabet Heroes

Help Jamal defeat the evil and nefarious Dr. Z by arranging alphabets and pictures correctly.

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What do you see

A google-collection game that teaches the player to identify the correct spelling of words by looking at their respective images

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Who am i?

You’ve been tasked to bring some tribute from the island to gain favour with the Lady of the island and find out her name. You’ll find the gems by identifying animals and their correct spellings.

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Fun with Words 3

Help Chichi as she searches for tickets in order to have fun at the amusement park. The tickets can only be obtained by decoding some hint words.

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Mix & Fix

olleh!! Bta!! rdoW!! Can you help unscramble these words and so many other scrambled words in this Mix & fix game? Mix & Fix is a word-making game with many exciting twists and turns!  

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Read along

Hello kids!! Reading can be fun right? Help me read along as we go through some fun sentences.

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Colours Everywhere

Splash! Splash! Colours are beautiful, come join me identify, splash and burst some colours everywhere in this captivating game.

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I start and I end

Join Lola as she explores the playground and test your knowledge of starting and ending words in this fun game.

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