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15 Things Every 21st Century Teachers Must Do This Year
15 Things Every 21st Century Teachers Must Do This Year

The teaching profession today is saddled with much more responsibilities compared with what was obtainable years back. With technology, the world is rapidly changing, so educators have a major challenge to prepare the children for the future.

Today’s teachers have the additional challenge of engaging digital natives’ interest and dealing with children who are exposed to innumerable sources of knowledge on the internet and the migration to student led learning. Teaching needs to go above and beyond the basics of knowledge sharing to embracing the 4 Cs – Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication. Today’s 21st Century Teacher requires training and retraining to stay atop.

As the year kicks off, we have put together a list of 15 things a 21st Century must aim to do this year.

  1. Don’t do the same old thing. Look for something new and fresh to include in your lessons and class.
  2. Embrace technology – learn how to use new technology tools this year
  3. Use technology in the classroom – try out flipped classrooms
  4. Introduce gamification to your lesson plan. It could be as simple as Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire or The Voice – make the class more fun and engaging
  5. Help and encourage students to use technology – move them from being mainly consumers to producers of digital content
  6. Actively encourage students to take ownership of their learning
  7. Be intentional in promoting collaboration among the student – use peer to peer and ask 3 before me strategies
  8. Embrace challenges – Look for and accept opportunities to move out of your comfort zone
  9. Share your ideas, expertise, experience and knowledge with other teachers via whatsapp, Instagram, facebook, etc
  10. Explore collaboration opportunities with other teachers both locally and internationally
  11. Actively seek out and attend teachers’ forums and seminars and other events for continuous learning and networking.
  12. Actively look for both classroom and online course to learn and deepen knowledge
  13. Follow teachers’ groups on Instagram and Facebook, interacts and take part in discussions, learn from others wealth of experience as well as for networking.
  14. Become an advocate for quality education for every child on your social media page
  15. Celebrate others successes and find inspiration in others’ successes – don’t compare but let their success spur you.

Get ready for a great year of growth in leaps and bounds.  If you enjoyed our post, please share with friends and colleagues. We would love to hear from you, drop a comment or send us your additions to our list.  

7 Things You Must Do Before Hiring A New Domestic Help
7 Things You Must Do Before Hiring A New Domestic Help

It’s the beginning of the year and chances are that your last Nanny/Domestic Help went home for Christmas with the promise to come back. Fast forward 3 weeks later and she is not yet back. So, it’s back to getting a new help – another addition to your “To do list”.
Parenting New Year Resolutions for 2019
Parenting New Year Resolutions for 2019

As 2018 is rolling out, I have taken time to evaluate how things turned out for me as a parent in 2018. I’ve been ticking my boxes and questioning my success rate at the goals I set for 2018. One of such goals was to yell less lol. Needless to say, I fell short on this goal according to my son.

So you were not alone if you feel you were less than a perfect parent in 2018. My advice is away with any guilty feeling and pat yourself on the back for your successes. Its time to pick yourself up and start afresh in the New Year. The goal in 2019 should be to set realistic and doable goals.

Here are some New Year Resolutions that you might want to consider:

  1. Spend uninterrupted quality time daily with the kids
  2. Set and stick to daily routines
  3. Say “No” More
  4. Listen More
  5. More outdoor play
  6. Implement and adhere to “Screen Time-Out”
  7. Get them to read more
  8. Ensure the kids do chores and help around the house
  9. Follow through (on rules, discipline, etc)
  10. Don’t rush to help to solve their problem or when they are facing a difficulty
  11. Be more intentional with their spiritual life
  12. Have regular date nights with hubby

And lastly, let them play more 9ijakids games.

Not Just Gifts; Five Things to Give Your Child This Christmas That Aren’t Gifts
Not Just Gifts; Five Things to Give Your Child This Christmas That Aren’t Gifts

‘’Our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than our material goods ….

We are the sum total of our experiences’’

Thomas Gilovich

Are you doing something differently this Christmas?  Doing something differently this time requires that you first know that the best thing you can give your children aren’t things.  Children love toys and they never get tired of getting more but I have come to realise that the pleasure is short-lived. They barely use the toys for three months before abandoning it and move on to the next thing when they’re done playing with the toys.  The greatest gift you can give your children is the gift of experiences and memories that they will hold with them forever. I have compiled a list of five beautiful things you can give your kids this Christmas that aren’t gift.

  1. A class they’ve been wanting to take

If your child has been longing for a particular experience or there is a class, he/she would love to take that you have been subtly denying them of, either a dance, art, football or any sport classes, this might just be the perfect time for them to take the classes. Get them the materials they need.  They’ll be so excited, they’ll learn a new skill and they’ll be able to keep taking the class throughout the year.

  1. Tickets to an event

Is there an event coming up in your area, church or cinema around you? Or perhaps there is something they’ve been wanting to see.  You could simply get them tickets or a group pass to the event. It’ll give them something to look forward to and an amazing memory.

  1. Plan a family beach trip

A shared experience will continue to linger. There are private beaches in Lagos that aren’t always crowded and good for families to spend time together. This moment will afford you the opportunity to talk as families, watch the beautiful sights of sea and other interesting scenes.

  1. A fun party

You could have a fun party for your kids and their friends in your house. Ask your kids to invite their friends both in school and church and throw them an awesome party. The party will be such a fun memory for them to look back on and at least part of the things for them to talk about when they are back to school after the holiday.

  1. A “date night” with mum and dad

You can get creative with this all you like. Children do love the one-on-one experience with their parents especially outside the four walls of the house. Map out a date in between the festive month for a date with your child and make them feel special the whole night. It’ll mean the world to them to have a few hours of undivided attention from both parents.

When you give your children experiences instead of things, they’ll have priceless memories to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Teaching Our Children to Give Back
Teaching Our Children to Give Back

Christmas is an exciting time synonymous with gifts and fun times. Often, we get carried away by the euphoria of the moment and the beautiful sights of Christmas trees, beautifully wrapped packages, decorations, series of events, fun and parties that come with the Christmas season. However, we are the blessed ones – there are still so many people who cannot afford the new clothes, the Christmas feast and can barely make ends means. Does your child realise how fortunate and blessed they are? How do we teach our children to remember those less fortunate than themselves? (more…)

How to Get Ready for Christmas
How to Get Ready for Christmas

Imagine a December without Christmas’; definitely not something you want to imagine. It would look like a week without Sunday or a world laced with just black and grey without the splendour of beautiful colours.


With less than 4 weeks to go, it’s time we started thinking about it. If you are anything like Christmas freak just like me, then you must have been preparing for Christmas a little bit before now and it won’t seem so overwhelming now that it’s a bit closer.   What if you haven’t given it a thought or considered putting anything in place ahead? You might want to start now so you can as well have a relaxing Christmas holiday season. (more…)

Christmas Gift for Kids; The 4 Gift Rules
Christmas Gift for Kids; The 4 Gift Rules

Tomorrow is first of December and it will be exactly 24 days to Christmas, the most important and anticipated period of the year for me, I can’t say for anyone else lol.   I have read through series of posts on and chatted with friends about what gifts they are getting for their children this Christmas. (more…)

7 Tips to Help Your Child Prepare for Exams
7 Tips to Help Your Child Prepare for Exams

Examination period can be a stressful time for both the parents and the child. While exams can’t measure every aspect of a child’s strengths and are not necessarily indicators of future results and aspirations, exams are however a good check to know where your child is educationally. (more…)


You receive a call from your child’s school informing you that your child has gotten in trouble for picking on/bullying others. And you would be like what? Never!!! No parent wants to hear that her child is a bully. Every parent likes to think the best of their little angels. But every child is capable of bullying. (more…)


Most children feel uncomfortable talking to their parents about sex. They would prefer to turn to their friends or media for information. However, information received from these sources can be wrong and they could be misinformed. As a parent, you are the most important educator on the subject because it’s an avenue to discuss it in light of your values.  If you also think talking about sex with your kids can be intimidating, you are not alone. Parents worry that talking about sex will encourage their child to be curious and want to give a try, however, it’s better to think of the consequences (teenage pregnancy. STD, etc) of not talking to them about it. Also, studies show that teenagers who talk to their parents about sex are more likely to postpone sexual activities and use protection


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