Adventures of Faith

Adventures ofFaith

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Are you ready to Join Timmy, Lola and other 9ijakids on four great adventures where you step into the shoes of some of the legends of faith from the bible.

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Agent R as Rahab
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The Bible Heroes Game with 10 great levels! - Have fun as you step in the shoes of your favourite bible heroes. For each of the ten levels, you will receive special super hero powers from God to help you defeat the enemy and rescue the Israelites. Move up the levels in each game and see how many points you can earn and how many prizes you can win along the way. Make it to the top of the leader board and win an awesome prize.
The Bible Heroes Game with 10 great levels!
Level 1 - Agent R
Level 2 - Sneaky Slayer
Level 3 - The Warrior Judge
Level 4 - The Warrior Judge
Level 5 - Mighty Sam
Level 6 - The Saint
Level 7 - Giant Slayer
Level 8 - Starlight
Level 9 - The Builder
level 10 - Starlight

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Fruit of the Spirit - A fun way to teach kids about the fruits of the Spirit.

Our Story

At 9ijakids, we jump out of bed each morning because we want our children to be proudly Nigerian, successful entrepreneurs, lovers of God and to take the world by storm.

While others are busy training children to be employees, we are inspiring children to be successful in business, great citizens and hot for Christ.

How are we doing this you may ask? We are using games as a tool to help children develop an entrepreneurial mindset, teach them the values that make them upright Christians and make the world a better place.

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